About Us

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Bekindbekindred Media has a vision to be the best “Media Travel”. Through our mission to provide the latest and updated information about Travel and other interesting topics. We believe that by providing access to valid and reliable information, we can help advance and enrich people’s knowledge.

Bekindbekindred Media consists of competent and experienced Editors, Contributors, and Reviewers. They have over 2 years of experience in the world of Information and Technology, and bring unique skills and knowledge to their work. We believe that by assembling a highly talented and experienced team, we can provide quality and useful information to our readers.

Currently Bekindbekindred Media has a Home Office with the details below:

Bekindbekindred Media

Ciawi Prapatan No. 370
Harjasari Village, South Bogor District
Bogor city. West Java.

Info Press Release : redaksi@bekindbekindred.com