Rainbow Sliders

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The UK has seen amazing unity through the Clap For Our Carers campaign, and we wanted to do our bit to support our incredible NHS at a time when it is easy to feel a little helpless. Order this organic cotton charity T-shirt and do your bit for our wonderful NHS staff while staying safe at home. All Kindred's proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt go directly to NHS Charities Together.

High quality man-made leather (vegan) with an embossed line around the edge. 

Slider sizes

34-35 1.0-3.0 23.2cm
36-37 3.5-4.5 24.5cm
38-39 5.0-6.0 25.4cm
40-41 6.5-7.5 26.5cm
42-43 8.0-9.0 27.6cm
44-45 9.5-10.5 28.7cm
46-47 11.0-12.0 30.0cm
48-49 12.5-14.0 31.3cm